Zotter Sellerie, Trüffel und Portwein


At last, the last of my five quick reviews of some of the ‘Crazy’ Zotter chocolate bars and this one sees me investigate a bar that contains port wine, truffle and celery. Very strange indeed!

Moving on from the visually appealing bar design I test the bar’s aroma which is yet again very acidic and getting a bit tedious now. Holding my nose I go in for a bite which was nothing special. I love Port, I really do, but I only seemed to manage to get a bit of a jam flavour and no hint of the truffle oil which was 0.1% of the total ingredients – but saying that, I’ve never had truffles so I wouldn’t know what they tasted like!

The texture was actually very nice with a wonderful layered-effect that did actually make this bar quite enjoyable, just it wasn’t anything as punchy as the previous lemon ones. But we can’t have anything.

As a quick review I’d give this bar a 50% as it was nice, but nothing special. Check out the Zotter site for more information.

Lee McCoy

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