Zotter Raspberry Blood Chocolate

Josef Zotter makes a valid point. Meat eaters will consume animal blood in various forms, so why not in chocolate? It’s like my mother will eat leftover curry for breakfast, and I put black pepper with red fruits on my breakfast cereal. We live in a nauseating world where we’re constantly being told we’re either been eating 26 foods wrong, or is it 15, or is it 17? Chocolatiers have tried to combine chocolate with the likes of cheese, red onion, marmite and all other sorts of incongruous ingredients. But there seems to be a line that these imaginative chocolates won’t cross – and that’s meat in a confectionary sense. But blood seems to be even pushing that meat angle too far. Who likes black pudding anyway?

Zotter Blood Chocolate

There’s only 2% blood in this chocolate that’s 1.4g in the entire 70g bar. Although there’s an edge reminiscent of blood, its far from obvious. It’s dominated by the cherry and the raspberries – and the lemon that Josef likes to use. When the chocolate has melted, and only the residue is left then, there is that slight musty flavour that lingers. It’s certainly not unpleasant. It’s the sharpness of the fruits and the apple balsamic vinegar, and to a lesser extent caraway and thyme oil that all blend into to one overall bittersweet profile.

Broken a piece off

I remember with one of Zotter’s previous chocolates I couldn’t take another bite, the thought of consuming whatever it was just made me feel faint. But this blood chocolate is incredibly enjoyable – not least because I consume so little flavoured chocolate these days.

We’ll be stocking it on our chocolate shop for Halloween (with English labelling) and I’m sure a few others will too, so if you do want to surprise your work-folk or family this Halloween then this has to got to be it.


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