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Zotter Mitzi Blue Jazz n Blues Packaging

For some strange reason this is my first review of one of Zotter’s sister brand ‘Mitzi Blue’ bars. I know Judith has done a fair few so I thought it was about time that I actually published my views of the ‘Jazz & Blues’ version. I actually love the story about this bar; it comes formed in a wheel-shape as Josef Zotter, the man behind the Zotter chocolate company, fell in love with a 1951 MG car whilst on Sunset Boulevard in LA and then when he came to extend the range of interesting chocolate bars they create he thought a wheel would be a great shape. And why not?

Of all the Mitzi Blue bars this has to be the most ‘normal’ in that it doesn’t contain banana, blueberry, coconut, grapes, caramelised hemp seeds, ginger, chilli, orange blossom nor even crème de la crème breasts. Here we ‘just’ have 65g of 80% dark chocolate with a 90% centre which comes liberally topped with some caramelised cocoa nibs. But as they say, sometimes less is more.

Zotter Mitzi Blue Jazz Round Bar

The large 80% dark chocolate disc isn’t as bitter as maybe the Green & Blacks version. This one is more subtle and engaging. Those caramelised cocoa nibs pop out at you and release a delightful fragrance as you crunch into them. This certainly does add another dimension to the experience – which could be quite mundane otherwise -especially if you’ve encountered the wide range of Zotter chocolate bars in the past. I do feel, however, with those other bars you could easily get away with munching on and being forced to concentrate on the unusual flavours, with this one, I’d say it’s far more luxurious than, say, most of his Hand-scooped range.

There’s a definite velvety, smooth texture present when you don’t get one of the cocoa nibs, but when you do it becomes more of rustic experience. I also found the 90% centre less dense and intense as I thought it would be. It was both light in terms of texture and character which is quite a paradox considering the high cocoa solids. I don’t have any information of regarding conche times or even the origin(s) of the cocoa beans, but I’d suggest that they’re very likely to be Trinitario.

For the environmentally minded of you, the fact that the packaging is made of CO2-neutral card and organic plastic that is totally biodegradable. For the rest of us it purely looks engaging with the Andreas Gratze design of a cacophonous Jazz session.

Quick Rating: 
  • 75% – for dark bar with an interesting character the price of £2.85 is more than reasonable.

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