Zotter Mango Lassi Drinking Chocolate

Zotter Mango Lassi Drinking Chocolate

Seeing as the weather has taken a decided turn for the worse and I wish I was back enjoying those heady summer days where tropical fruits and cream seem to symbolise the season, I thought I’d try some of Zotter’s Mango Lassi drinking chocolate.

Zotter Mango Lassi Drinking Chocolate Out Of The Box

As I’ve said countless times, I’m not normally one for white chocolate, but I am very partial to hot chocolate and utterly addicted to fruit-flavoured chocolate. But I’ve forced myself to step out of my traditional comfort zone and try this hot chocolate, purely because it sounded so tropical.  And that’s evident, to some degree at least, when you look at the ingredients. Not only is there a significant dose of raw cane sugar and cocoa butter – that you would expect from white hot chocolate, but here’s also a significant dose, 10% in fact, of dried mangos.  Unlike most hot chocolate you’ll taste in the supermarkets, Zotter don’t add endless quantities of “crap” as I call it. Zotter, instead, like to focus on fewer, better quality ingredients.

A single block

I couldn’t name any Fairtrade and organic drinking chocolate on the shelves of any supermarket, but this one is made from 82% Fairtrade ingredients, and ever ingredient, apart from the salt, is organic. So if you’re looking for ethical hot chocolate, made with love, then I generally wouldn’t look anywhere other than Zotter.

How it looks all made up

As a typical Brit, I’m far too impatient to follow the guidelines that Zotter set out for making of the drinking chocolate which entail either shaking the hot concoction or whisking it. Instead I went for the less flamboyant spoon method, although having tried it the proper way, I’d certainly suggest you try that way.

The flavour, at least, is very luscious and reminiscent of thick, creamy and delightful cocktails on holiday – only minus the alcohol. It’s not overly sweet are dominated by vanilla as could be expected – it’s actually fairly mellow but with a very pleasant mango flavour running through it. I am, however, very much of a dark and broody hot chocolate lover, but if I did want to pretend it was summer again, then I’d go for this one every time.

Quick Rating:
  • 65% – I actually prefer dark hot chocolate

Where To Buy Mango Lassi Drinking Chocolate

  • Chocolatiers.co.uk is my shop

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