Zotter Gentian in Black

Zotter Gentian in Black

The thought of eating chocolate made with some alcoholic flower beverage is significantly more appealing than the alternative – even though the packaging is somewhat more understated than Zotter’s usual fair, I just had to give it a whirl.

Taken out of the wrapper

Perhaps it was actually the thought that 12% of this chocolate is actually booze is what tipped the balance of this instead of the other fifty or so Zotter bars I have. Cutting to the chase … you can tell it has a lot of alcohol in it – I can feel the intoxicating vapours lifting off my breath with each bite. The main thing, though, is that it’s very enjoyable. Beside the adult nature to this chocolate there is a very clear flavour that does have a strong ‘herbal’ twang. Seeing as many wouldn’t have tried either Gentian as the Austrian/German spirit nor as the plant one can only describe it as being very similar to gin and tonic – the tartness is still the same and the flavour does last just as long.

Zotter Gentian in Black

Other than that core, strident flavour, there isn’t so much else going on. Given the booze level that’s to be expected. The 80% cocoa shell acts as a notional container and base to the flavour. It does, on reflection, add a very enjoyable base flavour – just as that secret sauce does in Big Macs (I haven’t had one in years but still have cravings).

There is something very ‘base’ about this chocolate. It hits the core flavour receptors. It’s got the dark chocolate flavours I love, the alcohol and another flavour which I just can’t place. It’s a chocolate that sits on my desk and disappears – leaving just the ‘golden’ wrapper. Right, after I’ve finished this Gentian in Black I’m off to give the Caiprinha a go. Chin chin.

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