Zotter Chocolate

Zotter Chocolate

Josef Zotter takes the world to a whole new view on chocolate with his exquisite creations and covertures. Since the early 1990s, Zotter has been experimenting with exciting new flavours and combinations, including “hand scooped” chocolate and filled bars. In 2006, he opened his own factory located in Austria. Zotter produces only high quality fair trade and organic products made from the finest cacao beans grown in the forests of Latin America. Zotter’s daring chocolate flavours and techniques, as well as delightfully creative packaging and design help make this company a leader in fine organic chocolates. Discover the reinvention of chocolate with some of Josef Zotter’s inspiring taste sensations.

Hand Scooped Chocolate Bars

Zotter’s inventive hand scooped chocolate bars are available in 5 varieties and more than 50 amazing flavours: Fruity, Nutty and Classic, Crazy, Alcoholic, and Festive Chocolates. Each bar contains layers of flavourful fillings covered in delicious chocolate covertures. Zotter’s “in and out” bars don’t just combine pieces of fruit, nuts or fillings with the chocolate, but make the flavour combination into a chocolate itself.


Just a few of the interesting and inventive fruity hand scooped chocolate bars produced by Zotter include:

  • Avocados with Tangerine Yoghurt
  • Plum Brandy
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Chocolate Banana
  • Apricot “in and out” Chocolate
  • Black Cherries with Vanilla
  • Sweet Orange
  • Raspberry Coconut
  • Orange Almond
  • Strawberry “in and out” Chocolate

Nutty and Classic

The Nutty and Classic chocolate bars incorporate Zotter’s quality chocolate with classic chocolate tastes and nutty flavours, as well as a few interesting inventions. Some of these delightful combinations include:

  • Almonds with Grappa Raisins
  • Strong Coffee
  • Bacon Bits
  • Cashew and Pineapple
  • Butter Caramel
  • Cheese-Walnut-Grapes
  • Yellow Brittle “in and out” chocolate
  • Honey Trio
  • Pumpkin Seeds with Marzipan
  • Goji Berries in Sesame Nougat, Soy Chocolate


Zotter’s many crazy combinations take their already interesting chocolate bars to a whole new height. Just a few of the flavours in their Crazy collection include:


A few of the alcoholic variety of quality chocolate bars produced by Zotter include:

  • Rum Coconut
  • Cherry Brandy with Marzipan
  • Muscat Wine with Grapes
  • Scotch Whiskey
  • Marc de Champagne


Zotter’s Festive variety designed for various occasions include:

Other Chocolates

In addition to Zotter’s amazing varieties of hand dipped chocolate bars, the company also produces delightful Balleros, drinking chocolate, nibs and their Mitzi Blue Assortment, which includes such delicious inventions as Moonmilk, Rainforest and Starmilk. Also try out Zotter’s bean-to-bar chocolate with their Labooko chocolate bars, which include rich dark and creamy milk chocolates.


One cannot truly experience the inspiration of Zotter’s fine chocolates without taking notice of the design. Austrian artist Andreas H. Gratze individually designs a theme for each variety of chocolate. The interesting and intriguing packaging only gives a hint of the creative taste combinations within.

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