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Over the last few years I must have consumed a hefty amount of Zotter Chocolate. But during that time I’ve always felt the company had a schizophrenic approach to chocolate. It isn’t until recently that I’ve actually come to realise that they’re just a very clever bunch of people and have hit the nail on the head of a market that nobody else seems to cater for – people who want to explore chocolate, whilst giving gourmet chocolate-lovers an alternative to the, often pretentious, chocolate makers.

Zotter Banana Flavour Milk Chocolate Inside

Being perfectly honest, I don’t actually lust over all of their chocolate, some like the Peanuts & Ketchup bar I will most certainly turn my nose up at, whilst the bar with a mixture of rum and coconut is worth walking over hot coals for. Infrequently, however, I’ll come across a bar that I’m ambivalent about. I was supposed to love this Zotter Banana milk chocolate bar seeing as I’m a huge lover of baked banana. However it just came across as too sweet for my more ‘mature’ taste.

The centre was, as always with the hand-scooped bars, soft and purée-like and which tasted of mashed bananas. The chocolate coating also had banana flavouring in it and when combined with the honey just gave it too much of an intense sweetness. Even though the chocolate coating is made from 50% minimum cocoa solids chocolate, the expectant extra hint of acidity was completely lost in the sea of sweetness.

Zotter Banana Flavour Milk Chocolate Texture

Children will love it, they appreciate sweet chocolate. But any adult with more mature, and dare I say it: sophisticated, taste will take one bite and leave the rest.

Zotter create some much more refined chocolate and I would advise a more refined taste should investigate their Logbook range instead.

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Quick Rating:
  • 56% – certainly not my cup of tea, but good if you need a sweet boost

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