Yeast Beast From Montezumas

I fell in love with Marmite chocolate truffles when I visited the Paul A. Young store and tried some then, and then took home a selection box. So when I saw Montezuma’s selling them under the label “Yeast Beast” (possibly because Unilever wouldn’t let them use the name), I just couldn’t resist. So here am I faced with some truffles that I’ll either love or I’ll hate.

Montezuma’s are a strange breed, they don’t seem to get involved too much in the PR side of chocolate, they don’t do Chocolate Week and I’ve never seen them at Chocolate Unwrapped – (are you going?), they don’t send samples out to review, but they just go about their business quietly supplying people that love organic and vegan chocolate with the stuff they love. And how can I fault that? They seem to always create chocolates that I just want to try but rarely get a chance to review wonderful sounding treats such as chilli pecans, butterscotch pecans, muesli clusters and these Yeast Beast truffles. Righting that wrong, I’ll tell you how much I love them.

As I get older I’m starting to appreciate more subtle flavours and whilst I fully anticipated these being as strong and ‘meaty’ as the Marmite XO bar, these truffles were anything but. In fact, I’d put the Marmite flavour at a notional 30% – it probably doesn’t mean much, but I think you’ll understand the lack of intensity here. You can definitely recognise the very unique flavour, but it’s just peaking its head above the milk chocolate ganache inside. And it’s the texture of the filling I just loved, it’s very soft, creamy and balanced with a sweet base which softens the yeasty flavour.

I think these truffles will fully test the assertion of either loving or hating Marmite. I think there’ll be a good number of people who think they hate it, but would absolutely love these. Great work!

I was supposed to count them to see how many you get and see if they’re good value for money. However, I can’t remember how many I’ve had. Assuming its four you’ll get 10 in a bag which works at about 48p each. On that basis, I’d say they’re a bargain – especially if you’re looking for an unusual Christmas present this year – who’d have ‘thunk’ about marmite truffles? Right, who can I get some of these for?

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  • Taste: 85% – awesome (just don’t burp -pweeuu!)
  • Texture: 75% – very creamy and delightful, the shell wasn’t too thick.
  • Appearance: 70% – bags are bags, how can you make them look great without spending a fortune?
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – nutritional information is certainly one of Montezuma’s strong points!
  • Price: 75% – could value for money and you get 13p off each bag if you buy three of them for £14.
  • Overall: 77% – loved them.

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