The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar

I love hot food, but it plays havock with my chocolate reviewing as it just blasts my taste buds and I have no chance of recognisising the delicate flavours that fine chocolate offers – thankfully there were none with this bar. So, as I’ll be having a Friday evening curry I might as well fill my boots and have some of the world’s hottest chocolate bar!

For just £3.49 Scorchio will send you a chocolate bar made with Naga Jolokia chilli powder which is unberlievably hot. As with most chilli chocolate it starts off slow, but unlike all the other chilli chocolate I’ve tried, the heat just keeps coming. It gets hotter and hotter until your mouth feels as if it is on fire.

Obviously you can’t taste too much of the the chocolate, the only sensation you can feel is the burning of the back of your throat. In fact its been a couple of minutes after just trying the smallest nibble of the chocolate and I already feel nauseous. Perhaps its my lunch or the couverture used, but I do think its the chilli! The five icons of chillis on the back of the packet really should have been a warning sigh – I should have known that no pressure to review strange chocolate is worth it to make me feel this ill – not even Canderal chocolate had this affect on me!!

But hold on. If it’s called “Pleasure & Pain” – where’s the chuffing pleasure???

Where To Buy The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar
  • Scorchio – £3.49

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