Wittamer Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Wittamer Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

So this milk version of this sugar free dark chocolate bar was average, so I was never holding out much hope. It arrived at the start of the year in between the heavy snow falls and got “zapped” by the very cold weather which “bloomed” the bar. Well that’s what it looks like, but I thought blooming was related to the sugar in chocolate bars which is brought to the surface, but as this one has no sugar I don’t know what it could be – other than the sweetener: maltitol – which I expect is fairly similar in structure to traditional “sugar”.

Wittamer Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

I suppose fresh and unaffected by the weather it would be a pretty nice looking bar in a simplistic kind of way. The mould is attractive with deep with small, pronounced ‘squares’. However, the aroma … there’s hardly any. Just forcing my nasal functions into warp factor 5 I could just about make out something dry and earthy – certainly there’s nothing pleasant grabbing hold of me as other bars do.

But the flavour, for sugar-free or diabetic chocolate, isn’t actually all that bad. The flavour does take an awful long time to kick in and then it gently increases just like one of those environmentally friendly light bulbs does when you turn it on. Of course there’s no massive range of flavours offered, it does deliver a ginger tone along the way, but nothing substantial. The entire flavour range is very mild and creamy. If you like that sort of thing then that’s ok, but if you like punchy, acidic chocolate then you might be left wanting more.

As a quick rating I’d give this 55% as it actually does fairly well given the lack of sugar and the use of artificial sweeteners, but it still tastes too mild for my, and I expect, most other people’s liking.

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