Willie’s Delectable Cacao – Indonesian 69% Dark Chocolate

Willies Delectable Cacao - Indonesian 69% Dark Chocolate

Whilst on a shopping mission to the Trafford Centre a month or so ago I bought some Harvey Nichols Lime & Coconut dark chocolate, some Askinosie San Jose Del Tambo Dark Chocolate and this bar of Willie’s Delectable Cacao – Indonesian 69% Dark Chocolate. Considering that the other two bars ranged from very good to excellent, I think this bar has stiff competition to be the best of the bunch.

Well I’ve first got to say that Taxi Studio have done a great job with the packaging. It’s nice to see a departure from the classic oblong shape into two square blocks of chocolate. Mixed with a nice simple, but elegant design that reflects a sort of ‘late night luxury’ quality I think that the ‘I’ll give it a go factor’ is pretty high when compared to the chocolate bars that surround it on the shelves. This is the interesting thing, I’ve only seen it in Selfridges, and so I’m not entirely sure who’s actually managed to try a bar yet.

Willie's Delectable Cacao - Indonesian 69% Dark Chocolate Opening The Packet

As you open up the packet you’re met with two golden blocks of chocolate that, when opened, gives an early morning on the farm type aroma – perhaps with a dash of salty sea breeze. And this is carried through to the flavour too.

It’s actually a very intriguing bar of dark chocolate. It’s a bit schizophrenic. Each bite seems to be different. At first there’s a good hint of caramel which subsides into hazelnut, then onto an acidic character (much like the Pralus Tanzanie and a touch like Valrhona 64%). There’s also a touch of sweaty feet about it, but don’t let this put you off (he says!) As the chocolate subsides there is an arid sensation that your taste buds have had all other sensation blocked out any other lingering flavour that could be left.

The joyful part of this bar is that each and every nibble seems to be different – which may be due to the fact that it doesn’t appear to be either single estate or single bean (I could be wrong). But that’s not to distract from the fact that this bar is full of character. It’s just that people have to be prepared for the intense bitterness and dryness that really belies its 69% minimum cacao content.

Willie's Delectable Cacao - Indonesian 69% Dark Chocolate

The colour hides nothing. It’s a typical 65% – 70% type fairly dark brown which looks warm and inviting. And the texture is pretty good too, if a touch dry. Little bits will flake off on to your lips and you’ll be fighting against gravity to keep them under your control.

    • Taste: 80% – the caramel aspect I liked, the acidic I expected but it did leave my mouth gasping for flavour at the very end.


    • Texture: 75% – Generally it was good, but I can’t explain the intense dryness at the end


    • Appearance: 90% – very good indeed.


    • Nutritional Information: 60% – There’s not a great deal there.



  • Overall: 74% – worth trying but not my favourite bar in this category.


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