Willie’s Cacao Indonesian Black 100%

I’ve offered wondered why people recoil when I mention 100% chocolate. As I’ve tried a few, I know how much variability in intensity from the sweet creaminess of an AMMA to the realms of this Indonesian affair from Willie’s. The physical appearance is that of a cylinder. It’s stocky and not made for nibbling, but more so cake makers and a few chocolatiers to have a play with. As the form is so inaccessible, it certainly isn’t one that I’d see as a ‘session’ chocolate. But, that aside, it offered a very enjoyable experience.

The aromas are distinctively of raisin, mango, nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices. The flavours, however, are so distinctively ‘Marmite’ that I can’t recall any other chocolate with a similarly distinctive profile! But taking off a smaller piece, it reminds me of lumiĀ and orange rind and then back to the dregs of mulled wine.

I’d say that this chocolate is most certainly more suitable for our customers that like to make hot chocolate rather than have a quick nibble on, but I’m sure we can work with the guys at Willie’s somehow to get this in store.

Lee McCoy

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