William Curley’s Sea Salt Caramel Bar

William Curley ‘Patissier Chocolatier’ based in Richmond, Surrey have produced an award-winning chocolate sensation. I, unlike Lee, can understand why these two little bricks won Gold in the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2008 (category ‘Best Filled Praline Or Bonbon’)! Lee previously expressed his dislike for the smokiness of the flavours in review of the Sea Salt Caramel bar. I, on the contrary, was mesmerized by the unique flavours at play.

The caramel is dense, dark and treacly. It reminded me of burnt marshmallows over a campfire but it had a warmth of a country Aga range. The sea salt lingers around your lips like a cold ocean spray and adds freshness to the deep molten caramel. The neutrality of the chocolate coating (not too sweet, not too bitter) perfectly complements the seriousness of the caramel it wraps around.

It comes in two separate blocks so that you can nibble one and save the other for later. I had to share mine around just to let everyone else understand the mysterious sensations of the Sea Salt Caramel Bar. The natural sea saltiness and rich sophistication of the flavours take it above and beyond the normal class of chocolate: it’s understated packaging hides a piece of chocolatier filled with great experience and a deep understanding of the journey of taste.

  • Taste: 90% – It is a very developed taste working on many different levels. You must do nothing but concentrate on the taste as you are eating this chocolate: let the world stop around you and be transported to the campfire and the sea.
  • Texture: 90% – It is hard to bite in to (not for those with wobbly teeth) and once its warmed up it softens and the treacly tones are released.
  • Appearance: 75% – I like the solid understated little blocks because it tells you that this is a serious chocolate creation, nothing fanciful. However I understand that some people might prefer more intricate presentation.
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – All completely natural (chocolate, sugar, cream, glucose, inverted sugar, vanilla, butter). A traditional doctor might tell you that this has little nutritional value, but if something makes you happy, you are a much healthier person in my opinion.
  • Price: 90% – Very reasonable indeed! When you are looking at this little bar of chocolate for £3.50 in the shop you might think, well, it’s a lot more expensive that a Crunchie. That is not the point. Keep in mind that you are buying a memorable gastronomic experience, then it doesn’t seem so expensive.
  • Overall: 85% – That seems a bit low to me.


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