William Curley Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar

Evidently William doesn’t actually make the chocolate which forms this bar himself. However, seeing as the flavour of chocolate is only one, albeit major, element of the enjoyment of chocolate, we should be allowed to marvel at how such treats are presented. We should also take stock at how chocolatiers strive to be ever closer to the pinnacle of their profession.

A couple of years ago I reviewed this bar, but then it was packaged in cellophane wrapping and looked nothing out of the ordinary. Although the chilli flavour remains unremarkable, the appearance is nothing but sensational. The black wrapping with Japanese-style golden floral embossed designs would surely induce the most ardent penny-pincher to open his wallet. If there was ever the perfect packaging, I’d think this would be it.

The flavour, as mentioned, doesn’t really reach the heights of the aesthetics. Although the dark chocolate itself is obviously couverture by birth, the chilli is conspicuous by its absence. I know I swoon at the thought of bitter, spicy, volcanic hot chilli chocolate, even by the most sanguine of bars I’ve reviewed, this has to be the most mute of all.

Instead of the piquancy of the chilli I get more of a fruity lumi flavour, there’s nothing that would lead me to think, under blindfold, that this has even the slightest hint of chilli in it.

I’ve loved everything William has done before – there’s no denying his genius, but I’m afraid its just lacking in this bar.

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Quick Rating:
  • 55% – its just a bit, unremarkable.


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