Wiliam Curley Nostalgia Jaffa Cake

Nostalgia Jaffa Cake Box

Today has been the epitome of stress. My salvation has always been chocolate. But as we know: not all chocolate is created equal. Some treats are hard work whilst others are joyous from start to finish. And from the moment you open the box until the last crumb-like flake has been removed from your lips you’ll love these. Some creations are exactly what you needed at a given moment in time. Right here, right now these Jaffa Cakes from William Curley are the single most important things in my life – apart from my wife and child.

William Curley Nostalgia Jaffa Cake Box

William has been making absolutely fantastic patisseries for many a year – seemingly always with Amedei and this time with the most excellent Toscana. Everything I have tried has been a delight, but the softness, the cascading waterfall of flavour and the sheer joy seem to be heightened here.  Not only are they presented in a solid box with a cute yellow ribbon, but as you open you’re confronted with four, very large chocolate covered and orange infused cakes. The label states: ‘tea cake’ but that term reminds me of low-quality supermarket creations that surely do no-one any good. These certainly are a world apart.

Doesn't that texture look great?

When you do bite in shards of fine chocolate will shatter like in all directions. Some of the pieces you’ll dab wherever they fell but your focus will remain on what you just imparted into your person. The cake itself is soft beyond belief, moist as you could which and contained within the fine Amedei Italian chocolate.

What is important though, is that the experience lingers after each bite, imparting its heavenly and perfectly balanced oranginess over the following few minutes. You’ll be tempted to reload, but don’t. Let the flavour die down and then make sure you deserve some more. Aimlessly scoffing the lot is very tempting, but you’ll be better served by showing some restraint.

Overall I’m massively impressed with these and that’s why I’ll give them a hefty 90%.

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    Hi. You spelled Curley wrong in the title. Just thought I would let you know.

  • Marianna

    this guy is soooo overrated lol Jaffa cakes for £3.50 each, he’s having a larf isnt he