Why I needed a break

For the past eleven months I’ve hardly touched this blog. There are a vast number of reasons for the malaise. I took a new job where I am responsible quite a lot, our new baby was starting to take more time, I’d been working relentlessly for the past decade and had a growing dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in the industry. For all the good work the collection of pioneers had put into realigning consumers’ perceptions with the reality of who makes chocolate – with their challenges; and how its made with the impact on the environment – to my mind it wasn’t happening fast enough. When you’re so passionate about making positive change and it doesn’t happen soon enough its only natural to think “why bother”?

I work in marketing and the marketing of chocolate is so shocking it became unbearable. The lies, the deceit – it’s almost like a Presidential election.

So I’m going to start back again – small scale. I’ll be getting back to the root cause of my love affair with chocolate – the chocolate itself. I won’t think too much about the ethical/environmental/economic issues and see where it takes me.

Time to replenish my chocolate stash – where to start?

Lee McCoy

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  • Geert Vercruysse

    welcome back Lee, have fun lol, greetings from Kortrijk Belgium

  • Pamm McFadden

    Good for you for honoring your needs! We cannot give to others unless we give to ourselves first. And to replenish your stash – aim for the International Chocolate Festival in Silicon Valley, April 2018.

    The best to you!

  • Lee is a dynamite fella! Your websites are fabulous. Keep going!

    // Nadeem