WeightWatchers Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

One my biggest downfalls as young teenager was chocolate digestives. I would come home from school and polish off half a packet even before my backside had hit the sofa to watch The Mysterious Cities of the Gold. That was why I was probably one of the fattest members of the school rugby team. These days, for various reasons, I’m a great deal more conscious of what I consume. Despite the fact that I now eat healthily, I still have an almost debilitating weakness for chocolate digestives. So that’s why I was glad that the team looking after WeightWatchers sent me over these lower fat biscuits to review.

At this time of year I review a bucket load of Easter eggs and I’m always shocked at how many of them which are aimed at children can be 75% saturated fat and sugar. It just shouldn’t be like that. With that in mind I was trying to think of how much of these healthier biscuits should contain those ‘nasties’, but I though it must be less than an Easter egg. Most of those will be around 17%-19% for a milk chocolate one. For these biscuits they’re 9.1% saturated fat which is less than half the ‘full fat’ leading brand version – which if you add how many the average biscuit lover might consume in a month. Looking at the calories they’re actually about the same.  But anybody that knows anything about dieting would know that it’s the form the calories are provided in as key.

Dieters would also know that the level of fibre is also important. I was once sent fibre pills to try out some years ago. The concept is that the more fibre you have the more “full” you feel and the less inclined you to snack. These biscuits claim to be ‘high fibre’ and I wouldn’t disagree as they have about three times the fibre in them than that ‘leading’ brand.

All this health stuff is all well and good, but if they don’t taste nice, what’s the point of buying them. As somewhat of a mass-market biscuit aficionado I can say that they taste good enough for me to have them as late night fix. They do taste light, and a damn site less oily than true digestives. Once I was amazed when I left a digestive in a draw and I saw over the week how much fat seeped out. I very much doubt I’d have that problem with these. They just feel devoid of any dairy – apart from the milk chocolate on the top.

What’s more they’re very crunchy and have just the slightest saltiness that makes them addictive. I couldn’t really taste the chocolate too much on the top whilst eating it, but after I could sense the sweet, creamy flavours. I know they’re supposed to, but I do get a decent enough of a fix not to raid the cupboards for more ‘naughty’ food.


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