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A Week In Chocolate

What I’ve been up to:

What a busy it was for me in the world of chocolate. I reviewed some zingy ganaches from Lauden Chocolates which should satisfy the most ardent citrus chocolate fans. I also gave some raw chocolate a whirl with the Rawr Passion bar – it obviously as a very different taste, but should be tried if you get the chance. I revisited what Duffy from Red Star had to offer with is 70% dark chocolate bar from Peru – very nice indeed. I was Zotterised again but this time with a bar that wasn’t as whacky as the rest, just Rum & Coconut this time. And I also gave the Grendada Chocolate Company 60% a go, it was ok, but nothing special. But the highlight of the week was the Amano Ocumare 70% bar which was simply out of this world!

I also continued my chocolate tour of the world with a look at the cocoa history and currant production for the south Caribbean island of Grenada – obviously it’s dominated by the chocolate company of the same name.

I was out and about and attended the Slow Food and Academy of Chocolate tasting event held in Mayfair. It was a hot, but fascinating evening and well worth visiting if you get a chance in the future.

I spent ages in House of Fraser looking for Le Whiff as my direct order never materialised. I was up and down that lift countless times, I walked around the home section as that’s the department it was in on their website, I asked staff and was sent on a wild goose chase. I gave up and left most despondent.

In the chocolate news we have:

  • Hotel Chocolat continues its march on global expansion with the announcement that it’s opening a couple of stores in the Channel Islands.
  • Cadbury’s are also looking at an increased global presence with a move into Isreal with debate over whether Israelis actually like Cadbury’s chocolate.
  • They’ve also said they’re going to launch a “Cadbury Wishes” milk chocolate star truffle with 10% of the profits going to the Make-A-Wish foundation. I think it’s a bit stingy to be honest. Make it 50% and we’ll all be happy (I suspect).
  • It looks like Toblerone is suffering – it’s a shame as I actually like (not love) their dark chocolate version
  • The granddaughter of the Cadbury founder, Felicity Loudon, says she’ll start making chocolate to right the wrong of the sale of the company to Kraft. Good on her!
  • The very important task of slavery was brought into question again by “In These Times“. Much needs to be done on this front!


And what’s coming next week?

Well I’m back down to London to attend Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas press launch at a swanky apartment in the West End. Which I expect will be followed by a coffee at CocoMaya with The Chocolate Consultant (and anyone else that wants to join us). I’ll also be popping over to Paul A. Young‘s shop in Camden to see if he’s got any Amano Chuao left to get one for myself to review and my mum for her birthday.

Hotel Chocolat are sending over some chocolates including the Eton Mess Giant Slab and some Purist bars from St. Lucia as I want to see what the island has to offer.

PrezzyBox are sending over the Le Whif (thank crunchie for them!) and a chocolate pizza which I actually do like – but don’t tell the Academy!

In terms of reviews I’ve got planned the Chocolate Roger Mexico 64%, The Galaxy Cookie Crumble (as its getting past its Best Before Date), Thorntons Coconut and Lime (which I saw in the production kitchen a few months ago), the Artisan du Chocolat 72% organic Panama bar, The Chocolate Cafe premium milk chocolate with honeycomb (yum, yum, yum) and the Pralus Indonesie Criollo 75%. It’s going to be a busy week.

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