Vosges Naga Bar

Vosges Indian Spice Naga Spce Bar

This bar came all the way from Washington via the very capable hands of fellow chocolate blogger Victoria who I swapped some chocolate with. Having loved the previous two Vosges bars: Mo’s bacon and the Organic Mushroom I just couldn’t wait to unwrap this Naga bar to see what it offered.

Vosges Indian Spice Naga Spce Bar

The packaging describes it as being a depp milk chocolate bar flavoured with sweet Indian curry powder and coconut flakes and being a huge curry fan the description certainly did peek my interest. And it was further heightened when the wonderfully spicy sweet aroma lifted from the contents. It truly was wonderful and just instilled pictures of Indian bazaars in my mind and those trays of spices with aniseed and the like at the counter of Indian restaurants to keep you occupied whilst you wait for your order.

Obviously being sent via airmail isn’t going to do the bar any good, but that can’t be helped. The temperature shock the bar suffered during transit seemed to affect the bar more visually than its structure. There was no undue brittleness or dryness. Instead it still felt moist and almost perfect.

The taste was absolutely fantastic in terms of a flavoured bar. The sweet Indian spices were just at the perfect intensity to let the background chocolate flavour comes through. On balance there was more sweetness than spice, but on a blisteringly hot day such as today (at the time of writing this), it exactly what I need. Anything with robust dark flavours would juxtapose with the weather too much. Instead it’s delightfully refreshing.

From what I can work out you can only get this bar in the UK from wholesalers, but if you’re reading in the USA, you can get it direct from Vosges for $7.50 – which is a pretty reasonable price. And as a quick review then I’d give it a rating of 70%.

Where To Buy The Vosges Naga Indian Curry Bar
  • Vosges – USA

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  • Glad to hear your enjoyed the flavor combination. Vosges does a good job of matching chocolates and different ingredients.

  • Georgina

    I’ve bought this bar in Selfridges in London too, there is a small Vosges concession there.