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One of the downsides of being incredibly busy at work over the past few months is that the bars that I’d love to review sooner, and within “date”, just get pushed further down the list. The good side is that I always feel I “deserve” the chocolate. Like you can never deserve chocolate, though!

I haven’t reviewed any chocolate by Vosges since the Naga Milk Chocolate bar which was made with a variety of different Indian spices. Other bars from the Chicago company have been either interesting in the case of the mushroom chocolate or just strange in the form of the bacon chocolate, but this one is a curious mix of flavours which I naturally like: ginger, wasabi and sesame seeds.

Part of me feels that seeing as this bar is four months past its best, I shouldn’t review it. But seeing as both wasabi and ginger are unlikely to spoil, it wouldn’t be too unfair to review it. I won’t, though, comment too harshly on the appearance of the itself as in the year or so since I’ve had it, it’s not been looked after as well as it should. It’s got a degree of blooming and not the finest snap.

The flavour is also fairly dull and a texture that is almost chewy. But it’s my adoration for ginger that seems compensate for those distractions. And that’s the interesting point, I can’t pick out any, and I mean “any” of the wasabi flavour. Having spent much of my late twenties in Japanese restaurants, I certainly know what it tastes like. I really wanted some of that almost horseradish flavour, but was left disappointed as it almost exclusively tasted of ginger. However, after leaving the flavours to fully diminish and before reaching my cup of tea those flavours morphed in to a nicotine flavour. Thankfully it wasn’t as pungent as a cigarette, and that unusual flavour was actually quite welcome.

Of course it’s probably all my fault for leaving the review of this bar for so long and I’ll have to get myself some more and review in good time. But seeing as this is a quick review to work through the backlog I’d guestimate that this bar would be a 68% when “fresh”.

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