Venchi Chocolate

Venchi Chocolate

Venchi is an Italian premium chocolate company launched by artisan chocolatier Silvano Venchi in 1878. Following the opening of the business in Turin, this chocolate manufacturer acquired instant recognition across Italy with its delicious Nougatines, bite size confections created from crushed and caramelised hazelnuts covered in dark chocolate. Venchi’s creations primarily use regional recipes. The majority of the 250 chocolate confections within their collection continue to be hand crafted and distributed upon customer demand. For the manufacturing of the many different confections, Venchi uses cacao originating from plantations within South and Central America and Africa, distilled rum out of the Caribbean, as well as natural and organic vanilla. The Piedmontese hazelnuts used in Venchi’s scrumptious chocolate creations are said to keep the chocolate from tasting acidic. Venchi chocolate doesn’t include animal fats, hydrogenated oils, or artificial fillers and preservatives. Since the beginning of the 2008/2009 season, all Venchi confections, excluding their cereal line and caramel wafer, are gluten free and contain no starches, flours, or extrusions that might interfere with the purity of the Venchi product.

Venchi Chocolate Blocks and Bars

Venchi’s range of truly delicious chocolate Italian chocolate blocks includes pure milk, dark and white chocolate blocks, milk or dark chocolate with toasted hazelnuts and a 75% blend of Central and South American Chocolate. Their delicious chocolate bars include blended bars, pure milk, dark and white, and a variety of fillings such as hazelnut, caramelised rice and milk cream. Their Unico Chocolate Bars include such fillings as creamy milk and cereal, cocoa cream and sugarcoated wafers.

Venchi Chocolate Squares

Venchi also offers a variety of unique chocolate squares available in a 65-piece bag. The unique flavour offered in Venchi’s squares include chilli pepper, mint, creamy milk chocolate, and cinnamon.

Venchi Chocolate Cake

Venchi’s chocolate cakes are truly a mouth-watering temptation. The flavours available include Dark Chocolate and Gianduja Gold Chocolate. Sink your teeth into the soft sensation of pure bliss.

Other Chocolates

Venchi also offers a wide range of chocolate assortments, gifts, cooking chocolates and drinking chocolate. Venchi’s unique chocolate cigars are available in a variety of flavours such as dark orange chocolate flavoured with praline or dark chocolate with nougatine.

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