Valrhona Taïnori 64%

So many have said that this 64% Valrhona Tainori is fruity and intense, perhaps they’re just lazily repeating what’s written on the front of the packaging, but I found this tablette, relatively mild and only with a slight citrus edge.

Of course, as with everything Valrhona do, the packaging is sublime. I expect, however, that I’d be flogging a dead horse by mentioning the sheer beauty of Valrhona’s ability to present chocolate just as it should – with beauty, respect and elegance. Unfortunately I found the chocolate contained either too sophisticated for my senses or that the flavour is just too restrained.

Yes this bar is beautiful, it is subtle, there are interesting flavours lurking in the background, but I had hoped for so much more. Perhaps I was eager for a seductive chocolate tryst and I got was a touch of flirtation and nothing more?

There are those acidic notes which seem ever-present in the Valrhona bars but that seemed to dominate the whole experience. The yellow fruits it talks about must have been hidden beneath that initial sharpness which doesn’t seem to be in evidence with every bite? This is is an unremarkable bar of chocolate – its a Saturday night in watching a film – probably even a film which has the formulaic Hollywood plot, rather than a raucous night on the town.

Even if it is that sort of standard bar the ending, although is undramatic, is still enjoyable, which is far more pleasing than the aftermath of a heavy night – sometimes “slow and steady” has its advantages?

The Valrhona Tainori is certainly The Truth About Cats and Dogs – very pleasant with interesting sequences and a sweet end. Ultimately I did enjoy it, just there wasn’t much plot – its just the architypal bittersweet bar of chocolate.

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Quick Rating:
  • 65% – enjoyable, but nothing more


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