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Valrhona Chocolate

Valrhona is located in the tiny French town of Tain L’Hermitage in the wine growing district of Hermitage near Lyon. Founded in 1922 by Pastry chef Monsieur Cuironnet, Valrhona is one of the leading chocolate producers around the globe. The company has 60 distributors worldwide and 5 subsidiaries. In addition, the company also maintains a chef’s school by the name of Ecole du Grand Chocolat. The company was formerly known as La Chocolaterie de Vivarais. As Chef Monsieur Cuironnet was from the Rhone valley, the name Valrhona was born in the early part of the 1950s as a combination of the words “valley” and “Rhone.”

Valrhona Chocolate

Valhrona primarily markets superior quality luxurious chocolate for both professional and personal consumption. The product collection consists of a variety of delicious chocolate bars and numerous chocolate confections. Valrhona creates vintage chocolate produced from cacao beans of a single year’s crop from a specific plantation, principally the Grand Crus, which is harvested in South America and the Caribbean. Presently, there are 3 types of vintage chocolates in production. The plantations for these exquisite vintage chocolate bars are located in Trinidad, Venezuela and Madagascar.

Valrhona Chocolate Bars

  • Chuao – 65% bar made from the finest cacao beans grown in the tiny village of Chuao, Venezuela.
  • Caraibe – A Grand Cru of 66% cocoa content with a slight coffee aroma and hints of roasted dried fruit.
  • Le Noir – A delicate blend of Trinitario and Criollo cacao beans, this 56% bar features a bittersweet flavour with slight fruit and floral notes.
  • Guanaja – Bittersweet floral tones and intense flavour are perhaps what makes this 70% chocolate bar the most popular of the Grand Crus
  • Ampamakia – 64% bar made from cacao beans harvested in Madagascar.
  • Manjari – A 64% bar with a slight bitterness and soft fruit undertones.
  • Gran Couva – his 64% bar put Valrhona down in history as the first creator of vintage domain chocolate. Made from beans harvested in a single domain, the Gran Couva possesses a delightful aroma and a truly rich, unique flavour.
  • Le Noir Amer – A 71% bar with a sweet bitterness and a floral and fruity taste.
  • Le Noir Extra Amer – With 84% pure cocoa content, the newest of Valrhona’s chocolate bars is also its most intense.
  • Jivara – a 40% milk chocolate alternative for those that wanted something a bit more mild.

Valrhona’s chocolate range also includes a wide variety of quality boxed chocolates, chocolate drinks and cooking chocolate.

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