Valrhona Abinao 85%

I must admit that I’ve recently had the misfortune to have reviewed some pretty average chocolate lately, so it’s actually nice to break the trend and have some intense Valrhona. However, I doubt anyone would class this bar as Valrhona’s finest.

The aroma offers a rich plum-like nose with a dose of fish & ship shop lurking beneath. Whilst the flavour is a prime example of a blend of cacao from different origins (Africa) because it just doesn’t seem to have much direction. I can’t pinpoint what this bar tries to be other than an outlet, perhaps, of cacao they’ve managed to get hold of over the years.

There is that fruity, Spring-like character but it just seems all of a bit of nothingness really. The flavour is pretty narrow and quickly subsides – perhaps like some cheap perfume?

Ultimately there’s not a great deal to get excited by this bar, I’m afraid. And it certainly does warrant the expectation that a label like “Grand Crus” may give.

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Quick Rating:
  • 60% – far from the standard they’ve set themselves.


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