Valrhona 64% Dark Chocolate Plantation Palmira

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Valrhona dark chocolate I’ve reviewed in the past, including the slightly similar Valrhona Gran Couva 2009 64% Dark Chocolate and the Valrhona Dark Chocolate – Caraibe 66%, and this bar is no different in terms of its quality, although overall it just doesn’t push my buttons as much.

Of course the packaging has the same regal quality as their other bars which correctly portrays the fine chocolate that’s held within. The aroma has a very fruity note that organic chocolate from Divine seems to have but its mixed with a slightly acidic, seaside scent which makes it full of character.

You can definitely pick up the honey notes in the flavour that many others have found and is complimented by a pine nut tone. Others have mentioned a smokiness to it, but I didn’t pick up on that, but more of a subtle apricot taste. It really is a nice and mild and nothing like the Pralus Bresil dark chocolate that I’ve reviewed before.

For £3.75 from Chocolate Trading Co. it may be a bit too much. But I implore you to give it a go.

  • Taste: 90% – I’d say this is a delightful dark chocolate bar, the flavours are fruity, fresh and much like a Chardonnay. I’d definitely like to try it again.
  • Texture: 85% – there wasn’t the wow factor I sometimes get. But it was still very nice and melted easily
  • Appearance: 75% – It looked very nice, but nothing made me want to dive head-first into the bar.
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – it was good but non of that information you get on the mass-produced bars
  • Price: 80% – it was still good value even at £3.95
  • Overall: 80% – worth trying, but also get some other bars around the 64% cocoa level to try at the same time.


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