Valentines Raspberry Hearts From James Chocolates

I imagine it must be quite difficult for chocolatiers to keep coming up with new ideas so that you’ve got something fantastic and different to offer chocolate-lovers during peak buying periods. But by the same token, it would be stupid to neglect the firm favourites at this time of year. It seems that everyone is offering white chocolate with fruity flavours as well as chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day – it just makes sense.

What I’ve never been convinced about is people’s love-affair with white chocolate. Conventionally I’ve always turned my nose up at it. It just too often tastes overly sweet, too milky and with some bars heart-stoppingly sickly. As I’ve advanced in years I’ve started to tone down my negative views of white chocolate and started to actually like it when combined with fruity, zesty flavours. And that’s no different with this collection of white chocolate hearts which have been partnered with really sharp raspberry pieces. And this is the factor that differentiates this fruity white chocolate offering from others. Here you get a wonderful crunch and crispness from the dried raspberry that is so often missing from others of this ilk.

Another characteristic that I find pleasant is that fact that the white chocolate flavour doesn’t dominate, it sites there in the background and serves as a canvas on which the fruity artistry is carried out. I’ve now consumed about half of the ten little hearts and by now I would have normally had my fill – but not with these. Even though I’ve got some Amedei Toscano Black waiting to be reviewed, I still want more of these blighters.

If only we had stockings for Valentine’s, these would be perfect. Well, I mean Christmas type stockings you fill with chocolaty treats. Alas, you’ll have to find some other, imaginative way of presenting these to your loved-one as they certainly demand being considered if you are looking for some small Valentine’s chocolate treats.

When I saw them I wasn’t too convinced I would like them – but I did. Whatever next?

Where To Buy These Valentines White Chocolate Raspberry Hearts


  • Taste: 70% – for white chocolate they were surprisingly addictive!
  • Texture: 85% – I loved the crunch that the raspberry gave – fantastic
  • Appearance: 65% – it must be difficult to make them look attractive and still keep the price down, but I feel they hearts themselves were the visual aspect that would sell them, so why keep them boxed up out of view?
  • Nutritional Information: 75% – everything you’d probably want is there.
  • Price: 75% – I’d say they’re great if you don’t want to spend too much or intend to add other presents.
  • Overall: 74% – well worth trying if you didn’t want to buy from one of the big brands.


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