Valentine’s Hampers – Dressed to Impress

Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, making it extremely important for you to take the opportunity to honor your lover. While there are dozens of different gifts that can fit the bill, chocolate is still a distinct favorite for both men and women. Chocolate can, however, become boring if you don’t give a lot of care to the quality and presentation. In order to really impress, quantity and variety are the key, making Valentine’s hampers a widely-sold gift option for this romantic day. Hampers come in all shaped and sizes, so shop around to find the best fit for your loved one’s taste and your budget.

Variety is the Spice of Life
People who love chocolate often also appreciate food in general. Whether you are watching a cooking show, talking to a chef or just enjoying your favorite restaurant, it’s likely that you are at least vaguely familiar with the concept of flavor contrast used in fine dining. This principle is also used to present a visually appealing dish. Putting together a quality chocolate hamper isn’t a whole lot different. The best chocolate hampers balance various flavors, textures and visual appeal to create an overall appealing product for your significant other. To take this to another level, especially if your loved one really is a foodie, look for hampers that pair chocolate with champagne, nuts or even high-quality cold cuts. For a full sensory experience, another common hamper theme adds bath and body products such as lotion or perfume. Before selecting a hamper in your budget, look at the full visual and flavor experience that you are presenting to your Valentine.

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Cute or Classy?
Your lover has a different personality than any other person, and the gift that you select for this romantic day should reflect that. If your loved one is fun-loving, for example, a cute hamper might be more appropriate. Cute Valentine’s hampers often include things like stuffed animals and more nostalgic confections. On the other hand, if your love is more likely to indulge in a spa day, look for quality alcohol, rich flavors and elegant presentation. As a general rule, classy hampers tend to be a bit more expensive, especially if you are dealing with respected chocolatiers like Hotel Chocolat or Thorntons, but that isn’t always the case. Whatever you select, don’t forget that this is a once-a-year event and the quality of the chocolate you purchase will make a big difference to how the hamper is received. Also have a look at these cute hampers.

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