Urzi Cioccolato Rio Caribe 76%

One of the greatest determinants of how a review will go is that initial reaction. It’s not of whether or not I like it per se, but whether or not my hand instantly goes to grab another bit. And while this chocolate may fall into Urzi’s Premium Collection, it’s just not a bar that I went instantly for more.

Urzi Rio Caribe

This is made from Rio Caribe cacao and if I were to be prejudiced then I would say it has a great chance of being wonderful. But, alas, it is just an average chocolate which cardboard undercurrent similar to a Moser Roth Ecuador. It’s placid, unadventurous and somewhat dull. The aroma is uninspiring and disappointing and is largely consistent with my view of their Sur del Lago which was also disappointing given the pedigree and the price.

Urzi Rio Caribe Chocolate Bar

I wanted to wax lyrical about this bar. I wanted to write a great deal about expansive flavours or smooth textures, but my mind is left vacant. My fingers are poised but have nothing positive to balance this review. I’ll just riffle through my stash of chocolate to find something more engaging to review.

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