Unusual Chocolate Valentines Gifts

What is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the sweet tooth on your list? Chocolate of course! Chocolate is the time honoured traditional candy of Valentine’s Day. From candy hearts to truffles and pralines, the gift of chocolate is sure to melt anyone’s heart.

As a quick guide you could see our review of the Hotel Chocolat Valentine’s Chocolates

Personalised Chocolate Box
Thorntons do a chocolate box where you can choose the chocolates inside and then get a photo of your choice printed on the front – all from £14 to £22. How great value is that? What better way to give your loved one a truly romantic Valentine’s chocolate gift than a personalised box of chocolates? I’ll be getting one! Also see our review of Thorntons Valentine’s Chocolates.

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Strange Chocolate Hamper
Hotel Chocolat have created a very strange sort-of chocolate hamper, well more of a gift bag which has a range of chocolate goodies in that you probably won’t see anywhere else and would be an alternative to the usual fair. Here you get a selection of melting chocolate hearts, some very strange looking ‘hot lips’, some truffles and a caramel slab. It may cost £25, but I’d say that’s pretty good value if you’re looking to box off the chocolate gift front in one go! And we’ve had a look at the range of Hotel Chocolate Valentines Gifts.

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Small Champagne Truffles If you didn’t want to spend too much and a Valentine’s Chocolate Hamper may be a bit extreme, then you could try the Valentine’s Chocolate Truffles Box from Charbonnel et Walker which just costs £3.95 which would be great to serve as a something ‘little extra’ if you’re already buying your loved one some roses as you just can’t go wrong with flowers & chocolates Valentine’s Day.

Chocaid Milk Chocolate Hearts
These small pink and silver foiled hearts are the perfect guilt free gift. With each order of Chocaid Milk Chocolate Hearts, an individual donation is made to Save the Children. What better reason to eat chocolate? Made from authentic Dominican Republic chocolate beans, these classic milk chocolate hearts can be purchased at John Lewisfor only £6.

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Seven Deadly Sins Chocolates
This delectable box of chocolates contains two of each sinfully delightful type of chocolate. From luscious white chocolates, to mouth-watering dark, each individual chocolate is packaged in its very own little box, simply because each one is just that special. This box of Seven Deadly Sins Chocolates is available at
I Want One Of Those for £14.99.

Rose & Raspberry Chocolates
Matcha Chocolat make some absolutely delicious tea flavoured chocolates but for Valentine’s Katie has departed and created some delicious fruit-based chocolates that would make a perfect Valentine’s gift if you wanted to prove to your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend that you just haven’t bought something from the first chocolate website you’ve found in a search engine. You could show that you’ve carefully thought of their desires and bought them something original!

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Fancy A Quickie
If you’re looking for something totally unusual then these chocolate dippers to make hot chocolate should be something to consider. They come in six different flavours:

First Crush is a dark chocolate dipper containing a ball of liquid salted caramel. Boozy nights is a dark chocolate dipper containing a ball of milk Marc de Champagne ganache. On the rocks is a dark chocolate dipper containing a ball of dark Martini ganache. Kinky is a dark spicy chocolate dipper with green and black cardamon. Nuts about you is a sweet and smooth chocolate dipper made with almond milk chocolate. Lolita is a pink white chocolate dipper with natural strawberries and black pepper.

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Hot Lips
If your loved-one likes chilli chocolates or chocolate art then you should pop along to Rococo for the selection of Valetine’s chocolate gifts because there’s basically something there for everyone. The prices aren’t cheap but they sure are unique!

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Luxury Gift Box
Luxury is the only way to describe this elegant selection of sweet and sultry chocolates. The Luxury Gift Box will make anyone feel just a little extra special. This simply beautiful gift box of divine gourmet chocolates is available at Serenta Flowers for £26.99.

Cuddles and Comfort Eating
This cute and cuddly monkey wants to share his box of chocolate truffles with somebody special. This Warm Hugs Monkey has a removable wheat tummy insert that can be heated, and a delightfully sweet lavender scent. Teamed up with a box of delightful chocolate truffles, this is a duo that can’t be beat.

Milk Chocolate Heart on HeartThis luxurious chocolate swirled heart on heart is almost too beautiful to eat. Handmade from Venezuelan Carenero Superior chocolate beans, this luscious chocolate heart has a white chocolate heart studded in the centre. Dried strawberries and white chocolate swirls add to the beauty of this elegant chocolate delight. This giant masterpiece is wrapped beautifully in clear cellophane and tied with a red satin ribbon. Also included is a personalised gift tag so you can let that special someone know exactly how you feel. This beautiful Milk Chocolate Heart on Heart is available at Buy A Giftfor £10.

Chocolate Hearts – Matte Gold
These golden chocolate hearts are ideal to accent any Valentine’s Day gift, or even simply stand on their own. These beautiful small hearts are made of delectably smooth and rich chocolate. These heart shaped milk chocolates are available at A Quarter Of for only £2.97 for 15 individual golden hearts. Also take a look at this much larger review of chocolate heartswhere I explore the various options.

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