Types of Wedding Favours

From small trinkets to elaborate gifts, the types of wedding favours available to choose from are endless. Sweet candies and cookies, useful pens or calendars, and beautiful acts of kindness in the form of donations made to a charity, are all great gift ideas for special wedding favours. While there are many options, here are just a few suggestions to consider:

Edible Wedding Favours

Edible wedding favours are a great idea when you have a variety of ages and personalities present at your wedding. Small chocolates, mixed nuts, or cookies for munching on while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception make this another excellent reason for choosing edible wedding favours. Following are just a couple of sites where you may find chocolates and other edible delights themed especially for wedding favours:

•A varieties of gourmet and specialty chocolates are available at http://www.chocolatetradingco.com for great wedding favour ideas.

•Thornton’s offers a unique array of beautifully wrapped chocolates designed especially with your wedding in mind at Thorntons.

•Mini Love Hearts, sugared almonds, or specialty wrapped chocolate buttons themed around your wedding and reception party are available at Chocolate Buttons.

Charity Wedding Favours

For a truly unique and meaningful gift, consider making a donation to a charity in behalf of each guest at your wedding. A large number of charities will provide personalized place cards for your wedding when a donation is made. At http://www.giveincelebration.org, you can help support cancer research by making a suggested donation of just £1 per guest, and receive beautifully personalized place cards with a keepsake Cancer Research UK pin badge to memorialise the special occasion. Finish the big day with an impact by making special donations in behalf of the special people who attend your wedding.

Plants, Flowers, and Seeds Wedding Favours

A “growing” trend in wedding favours is the giving of plants, flowers, or seeds. Not only is this an environmentally friendly gift idea, but also can provide your guests with a gift that can keep giving for years to come. This type of wedding favour also puts a more personal touch on the gift, making your guests feel that they are a special part of your wedding. Plants or flowers that you have taken the time to grow yourself can add a sentiment that will not be soon forgotten by your guests. You may even consider simple packages of seeds that guests can plant and grow themselves as wedding favours. Growing gifts are ideal favours for specifically themed weddings, and can make for a less expensive wedding favour idea.

Alcoholic Wedding Favours

If there will be children at your wedding, or under age guests, you may not want to use alcohol as a wedding favour. However, if only adults will be attending the wedding reception, personalized alcohol miniatures from http://www.confetti.co.uk are a great idea. If some of your guests don’t drink alcohol, you may consider small bottles of sparkling cider as an alternative.

Alternative Wedding Favours

While the traditional idea of candy tied with a ribbon is still a popular idea with brides, a wide variety of small gifts are used as wedding favours today. The ideas and variations are limitless. Some ideas to consider are aromatherapy essential oils, small perfumes and colognes, or floating candles and centrepieces. A number of alternative and unusual wedding favour ideas are available at http://www.confetti.co.uk, such as small puzzles for children, or wine stoppers for adults. Break tradition with an alternative gift idea for your wedding favours.

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