Twix Fino

Twix Fino

[Ed: A guest review by Hannah today. I must admit Hannah and I don’t see eye to eye when it comes to chocolate – so I thought I’d get her opinion on some of the chocolate I’ve been sent. I thought this Twix was too light, too crumbly and too sweet. If I wanted a chocolate snack that I can get in any highstreet I might go for a KitKat Chunky – at a push]

Twix is a chocolate bar that has been around since we can remember. But step aside biscuit covered in caramel and chocolate your younger, lighter sibling has arrived. The Twix Fino replaces the often heavy biscuit base with a light wafer that fills your mouth with crunch and bite. Topped with the usual luxurious caramel and the sweet chocolate, it’s a much improved Twix.

It’s not the most elaborate of chocolates, and it makes a bit of a mess but it’s the perfect snack pre or post a main meal, or to just get you through the day. The caramel and wafer subdue the chocolate, but that doesn’t really matter.

  • Taste: 98% – A fabulous new improved twix, sugary and sweet and made to perfection
  • Texture: 98% – smooth chocolate, gooey caramel and crunchy wafer.
  • Appearance: 74% – the packaging is quite bland, and the twix fino makes a little mess when you eat it
  • Nutritional Information: 89% – Gives good calarie information along with all the ingredients
  • Price: n/a% –
  • Overall: 89.75%

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  • Terry

    wow!, when i get the munches as i do, this one hits all the boxes, yummy yummy.