Tiddly Chocolate Reindeers From Hotel Chocolat

Tiddly Chocolate Reindeers From Hotel Chocolat

Its ages since I last reviewed anything from Hotel Chocolat which is surprising as I’m insanely addicted to their milk chocolate treats. I just love stuff like their Vintage Milk Chocolate Buttons and Tiddly Pots – I know I shouldn’t as I’m a fine dark chocolate man, but for some reason they just hit the spot!

I’ve always thought that Hotel Chocolat are the best in creating seasonal chocolate treats and nothing about this year’s selection has changed that. I know they’re not the cheapest chocolates that you can buy, but you’re not buying rubbish. I’ve now got some of these Tiddly Milk Chocolate Reindeers which may cost £5 for a box of eight but I still think they’re worth it.

Tiddly Chocolate Reindeers From Hotel Chocolat Inside

As you open they look like sleeping Mummies, but they taste a darn site better. As seems standard with their 40% milk chocolate, it has a slight honey flavour and mixed in a perfectly decent texture. There’s nothing new on that front from their other chocolate treats – they just moulded into another shape.

Tiddly Chocolate Reindeers From Hotel Chocolat

My problem is that they’re just not enough of them. As I type I just endlessly munch through them. They just sit there ready and willing to be consumed in fairly large chunks. And I’m sure if you’re looking for chocolate stocking fillers for kids then you really can’t go too far wrong with these bad boys. There’s just no risk to them. It seems all kids love milk chocolate and I’m sure they’ll love these too!

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