Thorntons Offers a Full Range of Valentine’s Chocolates

No matter what the occasion, chocolates are a popular gift-giving option. However, no celebration generates more sales of this creamy confection than the mid-February event known as Valentine’s Day. Though the holiday has been recognized since 500 AD, it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the modern celebration of romantic love became widely popular in Europe. Today, gifts and trinkets are shared not only with lovers, but friends, acquaintances and children. Luckily, Thorntons has plenty of chocolate gift options for everyone on your list.

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Casual Chocolates
While the main focus of Valentine’s gifts is on significant others, the truth is that most people have more casual relationships to honor on Valentine’s day. From co-workers to children, a modest Valentine’s Day chocolate can be a fun gift to exchange. Thorntons, founded by a world-class chocolatier, provides a half-dozen Valentine’s Day suitable gifts for under £10. The filled chocolate heart and chocolate lollipop are particularly suited to include with the small cards that children often exchange with friends and schoolmates. Without spending too much, anybody can find an option for casual acquaintances at Thorntons.

More Than Just a Standard Box of Chocolates
Whether your lover is a foodie or just has a healthy sweet tooth, the box of chocolates is a standard gift that is sure to please. However, offering the same ho-hum confection every Valentine’s Day can get a bit dull. Thorntons takes the box of chocolates to a whole new level, with high-quality chocolates that your love is sure to notice. If your loved one belongs to the exclusive group that doesn’t care for either milk or dark chocolate, don’t despair. For just over £10, Thorntons sells a box of chocolates comprised completely of white chocolates. For about double the price, the Wickedly White hamper expands this theme. Of course, there are also plenty of boxed chocolates for people who love the standard milk or dark chocolate.

Go All Out for the One You Love
Besides chocolates, wine and roses rank high as favorite Valentine’s gift fare. While some shopping might require you to travel to several different places to put together a complete gift package, Thornton has gift sets and hampers that pair these classic combinations in one easy purchase. Despite the look of luxury that each gift offers, nothing on the Valentine’s gift list at Thorntons is more than £50 most of the wine and flower gifts are around thirty-five pounds, making every Valentine’s Day gift option an affordable one.

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