Thorntons Truffles Heart Little Gifts

I’m not entirely sure how anybody can forget Valentine’s Day any more. But if you’re one of those people and have only just realised that you’ve not bought your other-half a Valentine’s gift or you’ve finally plucked up the courage to get the object of your affections a little gift declaring your love for them then here’s some chocolates you should be able to get on most high streets. Thornton’s PR people have sent me over their range of “little gifts” aimed at people that don’t want to spend a fortune or buy something as humongous as their Chocolatier’s Tasting Collection Heart.

A love-laden individual actually has a degree of choice when it comes to this less expensive end of their selections as they offer violet creams, truffle hearts; however, they mainly focus on these little heart-shaped boxes which contain three truffles in each. You can choose from Strawberry Marc de Champagne, Viennese and just Marc de Champagne. In some of the more “select” stores you might have a much wider range of exotic flavours, but if you’re still not that au fait with what your “Valentine” likes then it may be best to stay safe and go with something that most people like?

Personally I find these truffles a touch too sweet, but I’m most definitely in the minority when it comes to truffles. If you’re buying them to leave on somebody’s desk at work with a little note, then I think they’re the sort of chocolates that many people will be looking at – they’re a damn site cheaper than roses too!

If you’re after for something a bit more considerable then they do sell larger chocolates too.

Where To Buy These Little Valentine’s Gifts

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