Thorntons Strawberry Milk Chocolate 32% Cocoa

The Thorntons Balsamic 75% Tanzania bar I last tried may have been a very acquired taste. But this Strawberry milk chocolate bar has hit the spot. Bull’s Eye! After a hard day’s work I was keen to try something different. When I’m munching my way through selection boxes I always leave the strawberry creams out as they’re too sweet and sickly, and I was unsure what this bar would be like. Thankfully, any unwanted Roses moment was avoided as the Thorntons Strawberry bar was delicious.

First off, this forms one of their chocolate blocks which are outstanding value at £1.79. My only problem is, however, that if you find one that you really like, it’ll be gone in seconds. Also if you’re sharing a bar with a loved one they may actually start a low-level marital disturbance. I’d suggest they also make “sharing bars” too.

Whilst trying to find details of their award on the “Great Taste 09” awards website I actually nearly finished the bar. This is just a sign of how moreish it is and you should be aware of this before you start.

The milk chocolate, even without any strawberry accompaniment is very tasty. It’s superior to the Cadbury’s chocolate and a more relaxed alternative to Hotel Chocolat milk chocolate – this Madagascan milk chocolate is what I’d call a “session chocolate”.

But calling it that would be unfair. The natural sweetness given to it by the crunchy strawberry pieces adds another dimension – not only in terms of flavour, but also texture. Regular readers will know that I love chocolate with bits in and this has just the right balance so not to be a sugar rush but still giving that bit of something different.

The Thorntons Strawberry milk chocolate bar may not be categorised as a “fine chocolate bar” in terms that it not a single origin bar (as far as I’m aware) but it certainly does tick more boxes than you might expect.

  • Taste: 80% – well balanced, sweet, unconventional and full of fizzy character
  • Texture: 80% – its got bits in – what else could I want?
  • Appearance: 70% – they could easily make more out of this bar by putting it in a fancy box and a fancy mold
  • Nutritional Information: 90% – pretty much everything there
  • Price: 90% – a great price
  • Overall: 82% – one you should definitely try


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  • QVC Addict

    I love this range of chocolate bars. This bar has very yummy chocolatey part and the dried strawberries add a tasty twist. Would i expect this as a romantic gift.. no, would i say it was my most favourite chocolate ever.. no, but would i nip into thorntons whilst in town to grab a bar as a pick me up rather than a run of the mill chocci bar… absoloutely :0). A real affordable treat.

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