Thorntons Lightly Salted Pistachio Milk Chocolate Bar

It’s a good job I’m in the mood for something different, as this Thorntons Pistachio Milk Chocolate Bar certainly is that. I’ve tried so much sweet chocolate recently that its great to try something with a bit of a savoury edge.

At the best of times I love pistachios, but cover them in chocolate and I’m anybody’s. And these lightly salted nuts are covered in the same 32% Cocoa Madagascar milk chocolate that the Thorntons Strawberry Milk Chocolate Bar is covered in, and I thought it was tasty then too.

I won’t talk about the packaging again as I’ve mentioned the simplistic branding of their “block” range before. But it does exactly what its supposed to – form part of an overall range and an inexpensive way for people to be introduced to their offerings.

The aroma is distinctly nutty. I don’t want to say that it has an edge of peanut butter as that is likely to put people off. But there’s an extra layer to it. The pistachio intensity is variable. Sometimes you’ll get a decent hit of it, and other times it’ll be the milk chocolate that is the dominant force. It is well balanced, but perhaps I’d like just a bit more pistachio?? What does everyone else think?

Well its not on sale yet on the Thorntons site. It’s yet to hit the shelves. I thought it was supposed to launch earlier this month, perhaps my memory is going a bit fuzzy in my old age? Has anyone seen it in their shops yet?

I do like the chocolate bar, perhaps not as much as their Strawberry bar, but it still has its place. I’d see this bar as a “keep in handbag” or “take to work” bar. You can whip it out at lunch time if there’s not a Thorntons near you and you’re only left with the usual fair at your local newsagents or Boots store.

When it comes to the price, at £1.99 I’d say its a good price. It’d give you that fix of chocolate that you’d not normally have on any average day. And if you’re in top your pistachios then you’re onto a winner!

  • Taste: 68% – its was very agreeable. Perhaps I’m getting chocolate fatigue?
  • Texture: 75% – I nice balance of smooth chocolate with crunchy pistachio pieces
  • Appearance: 70% – the same as the other bars, nice, but not overwhelming.
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – they do a good job of informing people.
  • Price: 70% – pretty well priced
  • Overall: 72.6% –

Where To Buy The Thorntons Lightly Salted Pistachio Milk Chocolate Bar
Nutritional Information:

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  • QVC Addict

    I really enjoyed this. Nice box and packaging, felt like u were opening something that cost more than it does. As it says is lightly salted, i could go for it being slightly heavier salted personally, but then i do think salt and chocolate go really well. I would definately buy this again, and could happily woof the whole lot in one sitting:0)

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