Thorntons Lightly Salted Macadamia Dark Chocolate 60% Block (70G)

I’d tried Paton’s Macadamia Royals in Dark Chocolate and wasn’t all that fond of them so didn’t hold much hope for Thornton’s Macadamia chocolate.

The first thing I should say is that the chocolate tastes a lot darker than the 60% would normally indicate. It’s a bar that does very much remind me of their Balsamic chocolate bar, and a touch like the Pralus Bresil 75% bar. I know I wouldn’t normally put Thorntons in the same bracket as Pralus, but there are definitely some similarities here.

Often Macadamia nuts can distract from a perfectly good bar of chocolate. But seeing as there’s an unusual, and quite sweet, characteristic to the Dominican Republic dark chocolate then I think it actually works very well together!

You’ll also find that this chocolate bar isn’t festooned with Macadamia nuts. There are small pieces throughout, but they certainly don’t dominate the bar. The nuts just add an extra dimension to an already enjoyable bar of dark chocolate.

I thought this Macadamia bar from Thorntons was very much worth the £1.79 price and would certainly try it again if offered.

You can buy it direct from Thorntons.


Taste: 70% – very much enjoyable.

Texture: 70% – a nice structure to the chocolate and not too many pieces of macadamia.

Appearance: 70% – the packaging was the usual fair, but it did have a nice inner-wrapping and am unusual mold for the chocolate itself.

Nutritional Information: 85% – Thorntons are great with providing nutritional information.

Price: 80% – it is great value.

Overall: 75% – well worth trying.

Nutritional Information:

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