Thornton’s Lightly Salted Pistachio

Thorntons Lightly Salted Pistachio Chocolate Bar

The internet is awash with people who stick their noses up at any chocolate brand that doesn’t present their chocolate with the utmost sophistication. However, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder so why shouldn’t the much maligned Thornton’s create a bland looking bar of chocolate that presses so many buttons in terms of flavour? Earlier today I needed a sugar rush, and not wanting to raid my chocolate to review collection, I stole one of my wife’s Kit Kats (I know, the shame of it).

This got me thinking. Nestlé ignores the classic, high-brow, perception of chocolate, and instead focus on chocolate made by laboratory professors with flip charts and ‘marketing’ in their ears. We all know how salt often makes food taste better, as well as making chocolate taste sweeter. And I believe their use of salt makes the KitKat “addictive” to unsophisticated chocolate consumers. So why can’t a national chocolate treasure produce something that may not be fantastic when the ingredients are consumed in isolation, but when combined produces a chemical process that just makes you place more, and more, into your mouth?

You see, at this time of day, I need a boost, and this bar is perfect for it. There’s the usual sweetness from their milk chocolate, which this time is a Madagascar 32% cocoa couverture. But there’s also the random and temporary slight saltiness from the pistachio which also provides another layer of flavour that all comes together in such a way as to give some base satisfaction.

Often when reviewing mass-market chocolate one can be inclined to use a throw away comment such as “this will never win any awards”. But despite it being targeted at those unsophisticated chocolate lovers, it actually won gold star in the 2009 Great Taste Awards. This vindicates my view of this bar as something immanently enjoyable, despite not being traditionally classed alongside the more ‘respected’ chocolatiers.

And the price? It’s just £1.89 or £5 for three bars and that’s a steal!

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