Thorntons Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

This is strange, I’m just about to sit down and review this Thorntons Mint Dark Bar and the doorbell rings. Inside the parcel I’m given are 5 more bars that Kate from Thorntons’ PR team sent over. I can now review their Venezuela 38% milk chocolate, the 60% dark chocolate with lightly salted macadamia, the milk chocolate bar made with Tonka beans, the one with lightly salted pistachio nuts in that is coming out next month, and the milk chocolate one with strawberries in.

I just love what Thorntons are doing in creating a variety of different flavoured chocolate. Too often people believe they’re facing a choice of white, milk or dark chocolate. There’s so much more out there, thanks to companies such as Thorntons.

I may not have liked their balsamic chocolate bar too much, but this Mint one is fab. Too often mint chocolate is too sweet. But how its been combined with the 66% cocoa from Mexico its got a more natural flavour to it. The balance is perfect as neither the dark chocolate or the mint take centre stage. There’s a beautiful mildness to it which only subsides into a delightful bitterness near the end of the melt. It really is a lovely bar of chocolate.

Another thing I love about this mint chocolate bar is the texture. There’s a strange crispiness to it like popping candy. I doubt very much its got that in it, but what it does have is peppermint oil and a lot of fun.

When I first opened up the wrapper I wondered if it’d taste too strong as the aroma is forceful and does have a slight acidic tone to it. But the taste is spot on. I’ve got some Divine Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mints to review next week and I fear they won’t be able to compete with the simplicity and naturalness that this Thorntons bar did.


Taste: 80% – I normally like more “umpf” in my chocolate. But there are times when you just want something that is flavoursome but won’t assault your taste buds. This is the chocolate bar for those moments.

Texture: 85% – I loved the melt of the bar, the slight crunchiness and the overall experience.

Appearance: 75% – The packaging can’t really be too elaborate as they’ve got 19 different flavours and they couldn’t be original with each design. Also keeping the design simple matches the mild nature of the bar.

Nutritional Information: 90% – Thorntons do excel at providing relevant and comprehensive nutrtional information on their chocolate bars.

Price: 85% – at £1.79 its great value. When you consider a Melt Chocolate Bar is nearly four and a half times the price, gram for gram, I wouldn’t say this bar is the same rate less good. I’d say you’re certainly getting your money’s worth at Thorntons.

Overall: 83% – a very good chocolate bar for the price.

Lee McCoy

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