Thorntons Metropolitan Chocolate Selection Box

Thorntons Metropolitan Chocolate Selection Box

This Metropolitan chocolate box is a new version of their very popular traditional ‘Chocolate Classics’ that, to my mind, needed an alternative. Here, for your £10.99 you get 375g of a new look at the chocolate selection box that offers new chocolates such as: Vanilla, Heights, Orange Garden, Q Couture, Midnight Melt, Cloudberry Hill, Manhattan Melt, Praline Piazza and Soho Caramel – granny surely would grumble at the lack of a Creamy Coffee and a Strawberry Velvet. You can still give her the Chocolate Classics box, and keep this one to yourself.

Thorntons Metropolitan Chocolate Selection Box

What I did love is that they looked fantastic in the box; they’re not crammed in as some other selection boxes are, but nicely spread out and easy to select.

Thorntons Metropolitan Chocolate Selection Box

In total there are 37 of them (unless I got my maths wrong) and in eight different flavours, so you should be able to find something that you like.

Thorntons Metropolitan Chocolate Selection Box - Vanilla Heights

The first one I tried was the Vanilla heights which is a very mild chocolate made with fairly sweet milk chocolate. There wasn’t anything radical about this, although it was a touch fudgy. A good start, but nothing to make me sit back and take notice. Yes the texture was very nice and yes there was the expected sweetness, but nothing that makes you glad that you chose this box.

Thorntons Metropolitan Chocolate Selection Box - Orange Garden

I then tried the Orange Garden chocolate which I absolutely loved. It had that real orange flavour, rather than the taste of orange flavouring; this probably comes from the fact that comes from orange blossom rather than the flesh of an orange. It’s fairly zesty and very nice indeed. Now I’m starting to like this selection box more.

Thorntons Metropolitan Chocolate Selection Box - Q Couture

Then the Q Couture chocolate was next to approach my taste buds. This one had a warm, but sweet flavour that is very unique. It might not have been as clean cut and zesty as the Orange Garden, but it was a nice departure from the usual chocolates I get to try. The texture also had a good resistance to it and wasn’t as light as could have been expected.

I tried the rest as well. The Midnight Melt which is made from Dominican Republic dark chocolate and was a fantastic foil from the other fruity chocolates. There was a wonderful bitterness to it, but still managed to combine with sweetness which lifted it a touch. The filling is firm and took a good while to melt, but it did seem to combine a strange fruitiness which I just couldn’t place.

Next I tried the Cloudberry Hill which was I just couldn’t place. It’d a slight peppermint chewing gum note to it which was very strange. I wasn’t as fond of this one as it didn’t seem to fit in any mental box that I had to hand. I’d be interested to see how other’s liked it too.

And then the Manhattan Melt which is a milk chocolate version of the Midnight Melt, but it had a great edge to it which I didn’t expect. I’m not sure if I could place cinnamon or a very slight peppery taste, but there was certainly something different to it. And something that I very much enjoyed.

And now we have the Praline Piazza which was very crisp chocolate wand which had an interesting popping candy type texture. It might not be the most flavoursome chocolate in the box, but it’s still an interesting one. I wouldn’t pick this over most of the others, but many would like it.

Thorntons Metropolitan Chocolate Selection Box - Soho Caramel

Lastly I had the Soho Caramel which is a buttery caramel with a very slight salty edge. It was a lot looser than I expected, but still nice – in a very rich kind of way. I’m not the hugest caramel fan so it wasn’t really my cup of tea. Personally I would have liked a bit more milk chocolate in this one.

  • Taste: 70% – it’s not my most favourite chocolate selection box, but there was a lot that stood out from the usual fair
  • Texture: 70% – nice and solid in the main, with a very runny caramel
  • Appearance: 80% – I did love the sophisticated branding of this new range of theirs
  • Nutritional Information: 95% – you can’t beat it. Very informative and very clear.
  • Price: 85% – at £10.99 it’s a great price
  • Overall: 80% – very good indeed!


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