The Thorntons Easter Egg You May Never See In The Shops

Thorntons Experimental Easter EggOn my recent trip to have a look around the Thorntons Factory four of us came away with one of these exclusive, never before seen, experimental Easter eggs.

When I was there I mentioned that it reminded me of the Oeuf Maisonnette Milk Chocolate Easter egg that Chocolate Trading Co. retail. I mentioned that I think they do sell well so perhaps they should definitely consider putting them on the market next year – we’ll have to see what happens.

What I can say is that it looks very substantial. I’ve not weighed it but I would say it must be around 500g with very thick chocolate. Close up you can see that its adorned with another mini egg, some blocks of chocolate and a sliver of white. Also the texture is fairly rough. I’m pretty sure this is by design.

Thorntons Experimental Easter Egg

But what I love about this experimental Easter egg is the detail. It may not be fiddly in appearance, but I sure bet it was a bit stressful to put together!

Chocolate Chicken On The Thorntons Easter Egg

Even the white chocolate “thin” is delicate and strategically placed:

White Chocolate Thin On The Easter egg

The “mini” egg located on the front has a wonderful chocolate wash, but you can see the splash that’s occurred whilst they put it all together:

Thorntons Small Egg on the front with splash marks

There are two bars of chocolate on the outside too which look like real ones:

Chocolate Bars on the Easter egg

The Easter egg is also layered with chocolate flowers up and around the outside:

Chocolate Flower Decoration

And what about the taste? Well I’d say it’s their normal milk chocolate at around 36% cocoa. It’s not too sweet and doesn’t have a flavour of whole milk powder as some milk chocolate Easter eggs do. Obviously there’s no nutritional information so I don’t know the exact details. Also its doubtful they’d keep the chocolate the same in production – if that ever happens.

So what do you think of it? Would you buy one next year? How much would you pay?

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