Thorntons Dark Chocolate With Colombian Coffee

Thorntons Coffee Chocolate Block

I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate with coffee and my preference is for the intense espresso flavours and although I’ve been lucky enough to try the Go*Do Organic Espresso and the Artisan du Chocolat Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar which were very good, when I looked at this bar from Thorntons I feared it’d be as saccharin as the coffee barrels in Cadbury Roses – I think it was the light chocolate packaging that gave me this impression, but I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Thorntons Coffee Chocolate Block Design

I also prejudged the chocolate as it’s only made Colombian cacao at the 53% level. But there’s a reason for this. The coffee is rich and intense and much like the espresso flavour of the Artisan bar. But the problem is that I can definitely taste a very noticeable sweetness that, for my palette, distracted from the earthy notes that coffee offers which I find more interesting.

Thorntons Coffee Chocolate Block Texture

There’s no doubting this is an interesting bar of chocolate, but it’s just too much on the sweet side for me but for just £1.79 for 90g you really can’t argue too much.

Where To Buy The Thornton’s Dark Chocolate With Colombian Coffee Bar

Quick Rating
  • 60% – too sweet for me, lacked the wow factor, although the nutritional information is great and the price very attractive.

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