Thorntons Coconut & Lime White Chocolate Bar

And so my guilt is flowing unbound after finding this Thorntons Coconut & Lime stuck behind some others in my chocolate stash. It must have been there a while as its best before date is the end of this month. I’ve been trying to be relatively good and not go overboard and buy new stuff so I can prioritise chocolate that lovely people send me – but alas I do mess up occasionally.

I first tried this during the Thorntons Factory Tour I went on early last year whilst Keith Hurdman was still working on it. Like the others there, we all loved it. But how would it fair in 80g form whilst sat in the peace and quiet of my own home? Well, I do think the age affected it – especially as a fair proportion of this bar, after sugar, is cacao butter.

On breaking it I get more of a boiled potato nose than coconut – only after a long nasal draw can I pick out the tropical fruit flavour (for it is technically a fruit). The lime just settles at the outer reaches of the aroma profile and doesn’t play a significant part in the experience.

The texture is lovely, however. I know I rarely say this of white chocolate, but the crunch it gives is massively satisfying. It’s not dry at all, as some coconut chocolate can be. Instead the crunch is accompanied by a soft white chocolate which I just love (slapping myself to make sure I am actually saying this consciously).

The flavour I find very agreeable too. The lime brilliantly confines the primary ingredient (sugar) to the right level. Far too often white chocolate is just too sickly for me. Here it’s completely edible and totally enjoyable with it. I know it’s somewhat tainted by its age, but I loved it. I’d have to only give it a quick review due to the fact that my tardiness would have affected its quality somewhat, but even so I’d give it a 72%.

Where To Buy The Coconut & Lime White Chocolate Bar
  • Thorntons – seemingly only as part of the complete blocks bundle now


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  • Try one that’s not so tainted by age. I was worried it wouldn’t live up to the one we had in Keith’s development kitchen but I was pleased it did.

  • Citrus flavors seem to do a nice job of cutting back on super-sugary white chocolate. It’s a nice combination, especially if high-quality cocoa butter is used.