Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur

Bottle of Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur

You just can’t escape the comparisons with Baileys – it’s just natural. Now I’ve not had any of that for a couple of years as it’s far too easy to use it as ‘crutch’ after a hard day at work. But what about this new chocolate liqueur from Thorntons? Well it’s a damn site more chocolaty and enjoyable than its Irish counterpart.

I thought the only real way to try it out was to go and buy some chocolate shot glasses which I did from Drink Stuff which set me back a staggering £6.99. It doesn’t compare too favourably to the liqueur when you think that a fairly decent 70cl bottle of this stuff would cost you a fairly standard £15.50 or so – you’re getting far more “bang for your buck” with the chocolate liqueur most definitely.

One of the advantages, however, of having these small shot glasses is that you consume the chocolate liqueur in moderation – well theoretically at least! It’s just far too easy to knock it back shot after shot. At 17% by volume it’s not going to get you drunk too quickly, but it will get you merry. And what better way than to pour it over ice in a brandy glass sitting in the garden? Actually I could also picture consuming the odd glass or two in winter too – wrapping up in a duvet or slanket with the fire on and reaching for this whilst the soaps are on.

Just the aroma itself should be enough to bring back childhood memories of chocolate as it has that luxurious, velvety feel of milk chocolate but has a very decent kick to it too. I’m tempted to swig it from the bottle for a quick fix but I know that’ll just lead to a drunken, chocolaty oblivion. I must resist.

At this stage I know have the stuff covering my chops and I’m trying not to consume more. I’ll just hide it at the back of the fridge so my wife doesn’t find it as it’s just too satisfying to share.

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  • Ian

    The bottle I have stinks of coffee and is like drinking a cold cup of mocha :( I cant think of any cocktail this would be good in either. Sorry to be down on such a promising product. However the chocoate shot glasses in your review look excellent! :)