The Real Meaning Of Christmas And The Chocolate Cafe

With all the negativity in the media, with this, that, and the other going on, it’s nice to the witness the kind of generosity that Paul Morris from The Chocolate Cafe demonstrated by helping me get some chocolate goodies to 56 local foster kids to have for Christmas.

Most people think they’ve a tough life; they have a bad day if they prang their car or lose their mobile phone. But there’s a population of children of a decent sized town that every day suffer physical violence or mental abuse (often both). My hope was that just for a few minutes out of those 365 days these children in foster care could forget about their problems and tuck into some fantastic chocolate from a local producer. I hope we’ve achieved that.

It was John’s idea that instead of giving some chocolate to a competition winner, I give some to 56 foster children where most of them have hardly had a Christmas before. Knowing that my best friend had a similar childhood I just couldn’t refuse. That’s as much as I really did though. I asked Paul because I realised he was local and a great bloke as well. He then took some of his own and his staff’s time and sorted out all the gift bags full of chocolate – and at this time of year it was a fantastic act of generosity.

To John I thank you for giving me a real life example of what Christmas is really about and a huge thanks to Paul for being a real-life St. Nicholas.

I know most businesses have their own charities or good causes they support but I hope everyone can be that bit more generous, not only at Christmas but throughout the year. We may not be able to solve the world’s problems with a bar of chocolate, but we can make them disappear for a moment.

Lee McCoy

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  • This is definitely what Christmas ought to be about! Well done to you for taking your friend’s idea and running with it and making it happen. And of course, to Paul for being so generous and giving.

  • Very cool idea – more people should take this on in their respective areas.

  • antibeschocdrop

    Paul, your a real Father Christmas to 56 underpriveliged children. Ramsbottom is very proud of you . Thanks.

  • This made my day. It is nice to see businesses giving back to their communities.

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