Thé de cacao & citron

Not only does Ara Chocolat produce some lovely chocolate but they’re also lovely people too. At The Chocolate Festival I finally got to talk to them face-to-face after stocking many of their wares and during that conversation I saw they had some chocolate tea and with the thought of how well Duffy’s tea does I thought I’d purchase some of ARA’s lemon-flavoured offering.

 Lemon Chocolate Tea

Between then and now I have been blighted by bronchitis and blessed with Christmas. Whichever way I look at it I need some form of physical and mental detox. The feeling of boredom with my current collection of fruit and herbal teas was palpable. You can only consume so much Tea Pigs before the joy starts to wear thin. Thankfully I remembered I had this bag of cocoa husks, Rooibos tea and lemon rind. Being a native of South Africa, a lover of cacao (of course) and very partial to the acidic flavours of lemon – you would expect me to love this. And  you wouldn’t be wrong.

The only problem is that it doesn’t actually last me very long. It has a honey-like characteristic that I cannot fathom why. The cacao is delicate, perhaps even unnoticeable, whilst the lemon takes centre-stage. It’s not by any means dominant, but more cleansing than anything. As I look out upon the rain falling at speed onto the half-melted snow and contemplate venturing out I look again at my empty mug and realise I’ll stay in for another warming and satisfying helping of this delightful brew.

I can’t remember the price, but do recall it being crazily reasonable. When I restock their bars I will purchase decent quantities of this heady mixture. But if anyone knows of any other versions of cacao tea that I should explore, please do let me know.


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