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When I was thirteen I wish I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. At that stage, other than girls and football there wasn’t anything I thought about doing vocation-wise. Thankfully David Craggs does. Having taken part in the Enterprise UK competition to encourage young people to get excited by business and doing rather well, David has now got the buzz for chocolate and business. In just a short period of time David has gone from spending the £10 he was given in to a business where he’s producing some lovely bon bons. Hopefully as a chocolate community we can all support him in making a success of his passion.

I think it’s fair to be critical of big companies worth millions because they have an established reputation and they’re used to the cut and thrust of business and consumer opinion. Being overly critical to a young lad with his heart set on being a chocolatier is another thing. Thankfully, he and his parents have nothing to fear – I absolutely loved his creations.

I’m very much partial to fruit ganaches with the delightful fructose acidity being present in a number of his ganaches. But what I noticed first was the alcoholic nature of the some of the others – with the one cup ganache being one of the most pleasant. I think David used Kirsch here which gave be a beautiful pick-me-up which was then reinforced with glace cherry at the bottom.

There was also a very surprising milk chocolate with chilli that I didn’t expect and just had the right strength to give a warm feeling to the back my throat. Amongst these more flavoursome ganaches were more mellow ones.

David’s parents knew of me from my wife taking my left-over chocolates into work. I don’t think she’ll be taking in any of these!

When I was thirteen my teachers wrote me off for being pretty inarticulate and without much talent to speak of. It looks like David has talent in abundance and I hope he’s getting the support at school he deserves – I can tell that his parents are very much behind him.

Quick Rating:
  • 75% – very much more flavoursome and interesting than many chocolatiers twice, or three times his age.


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