The Best Dark Chocolate

So what are the best dark chocolate bars to buy online? Well, obviously that’s a mater of taste. And I’ve tasted a fair few over the past few months in reviewing for this site, but obviously more than I care to remember of the past 30 or so years.

It’s not as simple as saying the more expensive the chocolate it is, the better the quality. But you’d be broadly right to bare that in mind when you’re looking to buy dark chocolate online. For instance the Le chocolat bio supérieur noir 74% de cacao de la marque Carrefour is fairly cheap at around £1 but tastes perfectly fine and you’ve got The Pralus Trinidad 75% at £3.95 which is expensive but it is absolutely fantastic. But then again you’ve got the William Curley House 70% Dark Chocolate which is £3 for just 50g and completely over-priced.

More Luxury Dark Chocolate

It may only be personal choice but for luxury dark chocolate I’ll either head to Chocolate Trading Company who have a massive selection of fine and luxury dark chocolate from around the world such as the Pralus Bresil, or Hotel Chocolat who do some fanastic chocolate in their Purist range.

There’s also shops such as Montezuma’s, but so far I haven’t been overly impressed with their chocolate. Perhaps I haven’t tasted enough of it, but it does seem a bit too mellow for me. I’ll put in another order soon and review a wider selection.

I’ve actually put in a huge order with Thorntons this week to try some of their dark chocolate and white chocolate so I’ll see what their premium range of dark chocolate is like. Previously I’ve been a touch underwhelmed as they seem to excel at the flavoured and novelty chocolate, and not the luxury dark – but we’ll see next week how I get on. But a quick note on their website. I’ve linked to their dark chocolate category, but most of their dark chocolate isn’t there, you’ll have to have a search around the site to find the rest.

Then there’s Green & Blacks. Well I haven’t tried much of it recently, but from what I can remember from reviewing their Easter eggs, they had a very earthy taste. And more for those that prefer organic dark chocolate.

All I’ve reviewed in the Divine dark chocolate collection on this blog (I got some but ate it too quickly and forgot to review it) was their dark chocolate covered Brazil nuts, apricots and mangos. Again the Divine chocolate has a touch of an earthy taste but they are gorgeous. I’ve reviewed their Divine Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs which were exceptional.

I suppose that’s enough for most people to find what they’re looking for. I’ve reviewed a fair amount of dark chocolate so far so I’m going to list the ones I’ve tasted so far and put them in order of how nice they were. Not all of them are from the shops listed above:

The best dark chocolate:

91.66% – Simon Coll 70% Dark Chocolate

90% – Amatller Ghana Single Origin 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

90% – Dark Chocolate Bar With Cherries and Almonds

87% – Pralus Trindad 75% Dark Chocolate

86.70% – Amedei Chuao 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

86% – Pralus Bresil, 75% Cocoa, Single Origin, Dark Chocolate Bar

85% – Amatller Ecuador Single Origin 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

84% – Dolfin Dark Chocolate With Earl Grey Tea

83.33% – Dark Chocolate With Chilli From Wales

83.33% – Valrhona Dark Chocolate – Caraibe 66% Cacao

79% – Organic And Raw Dark Chocolate Bar From Conscious

78.33% – Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate With Chilli & Cocoa Nibs Purist Chocolate Bar

78% – J.D. Gross Premium Cocoa Dark Chocolate From Ecuador

76.66% – Amedei Porcelana 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Review

75.50% – Coffee Bean Chilli Dark Chocolate

75% – Domori 70% Dark Chocolate – Puertofino Cacao Criollo

75% – Handmade Dark Chocolate From Cornwall

73% – Domori Rio Caribe 70% Dark Chocolate – Single Origin

71% – Le chocolat bio supérieur noir 74% de cacao de la marque Carrefour

63.33% – Dammenberg No Added Sugar (Diabetic) Mint Dark Chocolate Buttons

62.50% – Dammenberg 72% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar

62% – Sainsbury’s Basics Dark Chocolate

60% – William Curley Dark Chocolate & Chilli

58.33% – Organica Vegan Hazelnut Nougat & Dark Chocolate Bar

57% – Sainsbury Taste The Difference Mexican 66% Dark Chocolate With Chilli

56.67% – William Curley Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Thins

56% – Paton’s Macadamia Royals in Dark Chocolate

46.66% – Michel Cluizel Noir Infini, 99% cocoa, Dark Chocolate

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