Tabasco Chocolate

With this Tobasco chocolate I’m going to have to start up the feature: Foolish Friday where I’ll review chocolate that you just shouldn’t waste your money on. In my time I’ve tried a lot of chilli chocolate where most of them have been pretty damn good. I’ve reviewed the mild versions from William Curley to some stupidly hot stuff in the form of the World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar, but I don’t think any have been as strange as this one. You see, I expect chilli chocolate to taste of chili, not ginger beer.

Tabasco Chocolate

Of course the Tabasco brand is one that I’m sure is recognised the world over having been around for over 120 years and just like Harley Davidson their products can be pretty ubiquitous and the marketing guys have done a good job with the branding here. For your £4.99 you’ll get a red tin about 8.5cm in diameter and containing eight wedges of unsweetened chocolate laced with their iconic chocolate sauce.

When I opened up the tin I saw that the chocolate had suffered temperature shock and ‘spoiled’ it. It looks worse in the picture, but it’s not like it’s fine chocolate where you would want it to be pristine.

At first I was underwhelmed as the chocolate had the aroma of the sickly stuff used in the Bite the Bullet chocolate gift set. Initially the flavour was pretty naff too – nothing worth raving about. But then the heat started to kick in and it started to remind me of Old Jamaica Ginger Beer – you know the fiery one‽ Moments after that hot, sweet flavour started to turn into a true chili one where you can feel the back of your throat burning. To be truthful, it wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be. The picture on the Firebox website let me to be it’d so hot that’d I’d have to call for paramedic. I know I’m used to hot chilli, but I didn’t find it anywhere near as hot as that bar of the World’ Hottest chocolate which made me feel really nauseous.

Is this chocolate worth a fiver? In itself, now. But if you’re buying it for your dad for Father’s Day or anybody’s birthday then it’d make a good novelty present, just don’t expect them to take it too seriously.

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