Sugar Free Chocolate Limes Boiled Sweets

I’m not sure why I’m reviewing these as they’re not really chocolates, but as its got the word “chocolate” in the product name then I thought I’d give them a whirl!

I bought them from A Quarter Of for £2.91 for 250g of them which gives you a fair-sized bag of them. It may be a touch expensive, but as I don’t buy boiled sweets anymore then I’m not sure what the average cost is. I can see that Thorntons do a huge 2.27kg jar of them for £14.76 so the A Quarter of price looks nearly twice as expensive, but they are sugar free. The non sugar-free price is £1.93 which is a lot more reasonable.

When you open them they’ve got that gorgeous, pungent aroma that takes me back to my childhood. The smell takes me back to my nan’s and aunt’s house where I’d be able to choose the sweets I’d like to munch when they were baby sitting.

The Chocolate Limes are perfect for having on aeroplanes to help with your ears or as a quieter option for the cinema. What’s more they don’t taste too sweet and is a fantastic break from the overly sweet chocolates I’ve recently tasted.

As a quick review I’d give them a 75% as they’re pretty much spot on with a wonderfully sharp lime flavour. I’m glad I’ve got a fairly big bag of them!

You can get them from A Quarter Of direct.

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